How do I get enrolled?

Use the Contact tab or email me at michelle@911recovers.com. Provide a phone number for me to contact you and good times to be reached. I will call to introduce myself and 9-1-1 Recovers. If the services seem like a good fit for you, you will be asked to complete a Consent to Treat document and fill out intake paperwork. We will schedule a 75 minute intake appointment. Following this session, we will discuss treatment options. The cost of the intake session is $150. If 9-1-1 Recovers is not the right fit for you, then you are not charged for the intake session.

Wellness sessions are 60 minutes in length and conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis. Public safety agencies typically cover the expenses associated with wellness appointments.


Am I good fit for 9-1-1 Recovers?

 Several considerations should be taken into account when considering telebehavioral services as an avenue for assistance. Here are some of the considerations: (1) You should have reliable internet connection so that service is not interrupted, (2) You should have reasonable comfort working with technology and software so that you can troubleshoot if there are technical issues that arise during sessions, (3) You should consider the difficulties that you are facing and whether they are appropriate for remote treatment (see paragraph below), and (4) You should consider whether there is a private location where you can complete sessions. To protect privacy, I request that clients be located in a private location during sessions. 


Are the difficulties that I’m facing appropriate for telebehavioral services?

Telebehavioral service providers are not physically present to assist you in the event of immediate distress. Though I take precautions to assist you in those situations by developing a safety protocol prior to treatment, if you are experiencing symptoms that place you at risk for acute medical or psychological distress that require immediate intervention, we can discuss the benefits of finding a local, in-person provider.  

Need to promote agency wellness or address problem behavior?